Corporate Account


Corporate Account

For businesses seeking the power of global banking solutions, our corporate account provides the flexibility and resources your enterprise needs to thrive. Required documents for the initial application include:

Required Corporate Documents

  1. Articles of Incorporation: Legal documents filed with the state government to establish a corporation.
  2. Corporate Bylaws or Operating Agreement: Internal documents outlining the governance and operational guidelines of the corporation or LLC.
  3. Valid Certificate of Good Standing: Official document issued by the state proving a corporation or LLC’s compliance with statutory requirements and is authorized to conduct business.
  4. Certified Register of Shares: A detailed list documenting the issuance and ownership of a company’s shares.
  5. Trust Certificate/Trust Agreement (For Trusts): A legal document establishing the terms and operation of a trust.

U.S. Company-Specific Documents (Optional for Trusts)

IRS Form SS-4 or Form CP575: Documents issued by the IRS acknowledging the company’s Employer Identification Number (EIN).

For US income and Global Entities

CRS Entity and/or FATCA 8W-BEN-E: Forms required for tax compliance with the Common Reporting Standard and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

For Canadian Entities

Declaration 519: A form specific to Canadian entities for regulatory compliance.

If Applicant is a Regulated Entity

  1. Regulatory Authority Documentation: Official papers from the relevant regulatory body confirming the entity’s regulated status.
  2. Business License: Legal authorization to conduct business within a specific jurisdiction.

Address Verification

A notarized utility bill or lease agreement, dated within the last 90 days, for the primary physical/operating location, and natural owner/controlling person.

Identity Verification

Two forms of notarized government-issued ID (dated within the last 90 days) for:
  • Key Business Contacts
  • Natural Owners/Controlling Persons
  • Directors and Officers
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs)
  • Authorized Signatories
Additionally, a notarized utility bill or lease agreement for the same individuals for further address verification.

Financial and Source Verification

1. Source of Funds Documentation: Documentation evidencing the origin of the entity’s capital.

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